Zeiss Binoculars

The Zeiss (Carl Zeiss) company was founded in the year 1846. The headquarters of this company is located at Germany. The Carl zeiss company specializes in producing optical instrument like binoculars, eye glasses, contact lenses, telescopes, rifle scopes, range finders, night vision instruments and so on. The revenue of this company in the financial year 2007 – 08 was € 2731 million. The total number of employees during the end of September 2008 was about 13060. The honorable founder of this company was Carl Zeiss. Later this name itself was taken to be the name of the company.

Before the World War 2, the Carl Zeiss was the largest producer of camera and camera equipments. At the initial stages this company had functioned by merging many numbers of companies. But soon after the massive damage of the World War 2, these companies were separated and became tiny companies. Though the two companies had split after the World War 2 it got united again during the year 1990. This company has long lasting and a rich and a royal history. Actually the Carl zeiss company is divided into two major groups.  Now this company is over 150 years old. Carl Zeiss has become one of the world’s best in producing optical instruments. It is also one of the oldest optical equipments manufacturers in the world as it exists for more 150 years. Zeiss produces top quality lenses of 35 mm. It also produces optical instruments for space research.

Zeiss BinocularsZeiss also produces top notch binoculars. They update their technology frequently from time to time. Their main target is to satisfy their customers. They are very eager in listening to their customers’ replies. They manufacture their products based on their customer’s suggestions. Their design and features are completely customers friendly. It is their confidence along with their customers’ guidance that keeps them going. Their binoculars are divided into two major family groups. The first type of series is named as the Victory series and the second type of series is named as the conquest series. The zeiss binoculars provide the best value for money and the optimum performance. The kinds are divided only the basis of size.

The magnification ranges of the Zeiss binoculars start from 7x to 15x. The highest magnification range of 15x is present in only one model. Similarly the least magnification range of 7x is present in only one model. The mm range of these binoculars begins from 20 mm to 56 mm. few binoculars in victory series have this maximum range of 56 mm. Generally the sizes of the binoculars increase the size of the lenses. The field of view of the Zeiss binoculars varies from 190 feet to 450 feet. The high end victory series have ranges of 450 feet. Since the Zeiss products are very high in quality they also come at a big price. The price range of these binoculars is from $400 to $3000. Coming to the warranty Zeiss does give some warranty for its binoculars. But the warranty covers only the flaws in manufacturing and performance. Zeiss also has water proof binoculars.